Money Money, Money Silver Dollars

The all important Silver Dollars we have three large ones in our 1500litre display tank. They are named the silver dollar as the size they used to come out of the wild they looked like the American Silver Dollars in size and colour. They are often mistaken as Piranha but they are vegetarian so no planted tanks for them. They love new plant day when I am re-bunching the plants I remove the excess leaves from the new root zone. All these leaves go into our Monster Tank for the Silver Dollars.These are a large Tetra so be sure to have room for at least 3 minimum but preferably more so they can school together.Due to the size these get typically the size of a saucer if not a bit bigger in captivity so 3-6 fish that are around 16cm across zipping around their tank so said tank needs to be fairly big.They do work well as a dither fish for other shy monsters, they help to encourage these fish out to feed with the group.


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