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Borneo Sucker Factoids Origin: Borneo Temperature: 65 to 75F Tank Mates: Tropical communitry tank Size: 3 cm-6.5cm Auction for one borneo sucker approx 3-4 cm These have been cooled to 16-18 degrees so will suit coldwater indoor tank where the home is kept warm 24hours a day. The photo shows you the most common view of the borneo when cleaning the front of your tank. Description: Most Borneo suckers hit the market at about 1.5 inches. They come in various shades of brown -- usually with white spots but not always. And, they change their shade depending upon their substrate, mood, food, temperature, and water quality Feeding: Borneo suckers eat the algae and micro-organisms that grow on submerged surfaces (like the slime on your front glass). They should mix well with goldfishes who seem to make sure that their glass walls grow just a little more slime than the average bare tank (little pun there if you remember Yogi Bear). They also like bloodworms and sort of grudgingly eat flake foods.
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