Butterfly Sucker


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Butterfly Sucker Factoids currently 3cm Size: 12 cm (5 inches). Preferred Water Chemistry: native to moderately hard, neutral to slightly basic waters. These fish require cool, highly oxygenated water. Temperature: 65 to 75F Tank Setup: A resident of hill streams and rapids, this fish likes a strong current and high oxygen levels. A substrate of coarse gravel and stones of various sizes will make it feel at home Feeding: Primarily an algae eater. It will take all types of sinking foods, but plant-based items should make up the bulk of the diet. This fish will graze algae all day if it is available. Tank Mates: Goldfish, White clouds and other cool water fishes Description: This is one of several species sold as hillstream loaches. The unusual cupped fins of this species account for many of its common names. These fins function as suction cups and hold the fish in place on a rock in the midst of rapids, and they may also provide negative lift, using the water current to hold them even more securely in place. The dots, lines, and reticulations that make up their patterns are another reason for their appeal. Auction for one butterfly sucker approx 3-4 cm
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