Upside-Down Catfish - Synodontis nigriventris


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Upside-Down Catfish - Synodontis nigriventris You tube video of fish available http://youtu.be/WYm3PTQVnGI Numbered among the Synodontis species, the upside-down catfish is aptly named for its upside down swimming posture. They are an extremely popular species that apparently have been admired for countless centuries, as their images have been found in ancient Egyptian art. Considered a dwarf catfish, they reach an adult size of only three to four inches. Like other members of the Mochikidae family, they have large eyes, a large adipose fin, a forked tail, and three pairs of barbels. Their light brown colored body is covered with dark brown blotches of various sizes. Interestingly, the underside of the body is darker hued, which is the opposite of fish that swim with their belly downwards. This reverse coloration serves to camouflage them when they swim upside down at the surface of the water. Although they frequently swim upside down, don't be surprised if they swim normally for periods of time. This is particularly true when they want to graze the bottom of the tank for morsels of food. Young Upside Down Catfish do not swim upside down until they are several months old. Like other catfish, they have sharp fin spines that can cause injuries when moving them. Take care when netting or moving these fish. Upside Down Catfish tend to be most active at dusk and during the night hours. Use of a moonlight light tube will allow owners to view their night activities.
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