Green Terror - Aequidens rivulatu


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Green Terror - Aequidens rivulatus currentlt approx 5cm picture off the net Species name: Aequidens rivulatus Synonym: Chromis rivulata Common name: Green Terror Family: Cichlidae Order: Perciformes Class: Actinopterygii Maximum size: 20 cm / 8 inches Environment: freshwater Origin: South America Temperament: Aggressive Company: best kept with other cichlids of the same temperament. Water parameters: Temperature 20-25C / 68-67F; pH 6.5 – 8.0 Aquarium setup: Aequidens rivulatus (Green Terror) Needs a big aquarium. The aquarium should be decorated with rocks and roots. They like to dig so any rocks should be placed directly on the bottom of the aquarium to avoid damage to the aquarium when they dig. Any planted plants will be dug up. Feeding: Aequidens rivulatus (Green Terror) accepts all types of food. Breeding: Aequidens rivulatus (Green Terror) breeds on rocks that have been carefully cleaned in advancee. The pair takes care of the fry togheter and they are usually excellent parets. This species is very aggressive while they are protecting their fry. Each spawning can result in over 400 fry which can be feed mashed flake food right from the start.
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