Clown Loach


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Clown Loach , Young Clown Loaches thrive in groups. The tank should have subdued lighting, a soft, preferably sand substrate, and numerous hiding places provided made from rock-work or driftwood. Plants should be strong and resilient because large Clowns can be hard on them. They may uproot them, or punch holes in the leaves. Plant species must be capable of low-light environments. Clowns are somewhat nocturanal in nature and often very lively in the early morning and after dusk. The addition of a blue moon light tube, or some other form of blue lighting, phased to come on before the main lights, and go off after them, will allow the owner to observe the fish at their most liveliest and entertaining. This will also avoid the fish being shocked by a sudden change in brightness. Water parameters: pH 6.5 - 7.0, Hardness: aim for softer water, Maximum DH: 12 Temperature: 78F to 83F (25-30C) I can send a few fish together Please note that delivery charge includes chilli bag or box, 40 hr heatpad, and courier fees. I can combine delivery with other fish and plants

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