Royal Pleco


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The Royal pleco has many different common names in English, including Royal plec, Royal panaque and Royal catfish. Currently approx 6cm The recommended pH-value when keeping Royal pleco is 6.5-7.5. The temperature should be in the 22-30 degrees C (72-86 degrees F) range. Since the Royal pleco can reach a length of over 40 cm (16 inches) it will eventually need quite a large aquarium. Larger specimens are fond of redecorating the aquarium so it is important that no items can fall and injure them as they scuffle around. Always include bogwood in the set up. Bogwood will function as both food and shelter from the fish. The Royal pleco does not like to share its territory with members of its own species or similar species. It is friendly towards other types of fish and can be kept in community aquariums without problem. You should however be aware that fast and/or antagonistic fishes can cause starvation in Royal plecos since they eat all the food before the pleco gets a chance to catch any. Pic off the web but very similar markings to the one in stock.
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