Aqua One Zeo Pad - Self Cut Filter Pad

Aqua One


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The Aqua One Zeo Pad is a tightly woven chemical filter pad which absorbs ammonia from your aquarium. When introduced into your aquarium filter system, Zeo Pad reduces the risk of ammonia (NH3) toxicity inturn reducing the risk of disease and stress on fish ensuring clear aquarium water. Aqua One Zeo Pad does not substitute for good aquarium keeping practices. Aqua One Zeo Pad should be used as a preventative or treatment, not a cure for prolonged ammonia concentraions in your aquarium. 

The chemical exchange properties of Zeolite using charged ions means; Zeo Pad has a use life. The life of your Zeo Pad can vary depending on the ammonia concentrations in your aqaurium. When high ammonia concentrations are present, the Zeo Pad should be replaced every few days. 


Can be cut to size and shape required 
Reduces Ammonia levels 
Removes free-floating waste and debris 
For use in freshwater aquariums only 

Dimension (mm) LxWxH 250x460x10 

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