AquaManta PhosNitra Reducer Beads 1400g



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AquaManta Phosphate And Nitrate Reducer Beads 1400g

Removes Phosphate and Nitrate from Aquarium water to help reduce Nuisance Algae and Slime

Suitable for freshwater, coldwater and marine aquariums

AquaManta PhosNitra Reducer is an essential weapon in the fight against Nuisance Algae in your aqauarium.

Efficiently removes Nitrates and Phosphates from the aquarium water and reduces the algaes naturally occuring "food source".

In Conjunction with regular maintence and correct lighting levels AquaManta PhosNitra Reducerwill help keep your aquarium algae and slime free.


To maintain a low phosphate and nitrate level and keep algae growth to a minimum we recommend that you change the AquaManta PhosNitra Reducer every 6-12weeks. regular testing of nitrate and phophate will help determine an appropriate renewal time.


Pack includes 2x net bags and 1400g AquaManta PhosNitra Reducer Beads.


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