Hikari Gold Fish Gold 100gr



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Hikari Gold Fish Gold 100gr

For over eleven decades Hikari have supplied the finest premium aquatic diets. Hikari is the most popular brand in Japan, a nation known for its fine ornamental fish. Throughout the world, hobbyists who's priority is the health of their pet feed them Hikari.

Hikari Goldfish Gold Food contains Phaffia Dried Yeast, and is naturally rich in carotenoids which can help your pet develop their natural beauty and coloration. The addition of Astaxanthin further improves the colour enhancing capacity.

These pellets contain a uniquely balanced nutrient profile and the inclusion of Polyphenol, a powerful antioxidant derived from grapes, helping your pet be their best. The red coloured pellet is created from raw ingredients and will not negatively impact your pet's health, bowl or aquarium water. These pellets also contain a growth formula which supports rapid weight gain while avoiding the buildup of internal fat deposits which can lead to conformation and health issues over time.

Features & Benefits

  • Top selling brand
  • Scientifically formulated
  • High quality
  • Very palatable
  • Resealable packet
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