Orange Venezuelan Cory


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Orange Aeneus Cory or Orange Venezuelan Cory

Orange Venezuelan Cory 

The Orange Venezuelan Cory Catfish (Corydoras aeneus "Venezuela") is a natural geographic color variant of the ever-popular Bronze Cory Catfish. It develops increasingly bright orange coloration along its back as it matures. This orange creates a very striking contrast with the metallic blue-green coloration along the sides of the body of the fish.

The Orange Venezuelan Catfish is a very peaceful schooling fish that is compatible with most nano aquarium animals, including dwarf cichlids and angelfish.It is a classic scavenger and will inhabit and feed at the aquarium floor, which should be comprised of sand or smooth gravel.  This fish is otherwise undemanding as it will accept most dry,frozen, and live foods. It is adaptable to most tropical freshwater conditions as long as standard regular maintenance is performed and sudden changes are avoided. While it is a scavenger, care must be taken to ensure that it receives a good variety of high quality foods and is not simply expected to eat leftover food that other fish do not eat.



Temperature:22° - 28° C

pH:  6.0 - 7.5.  



Diet:  High-quality dry foods as well as live and frozen meaty foods. Variety is essential.

Social behavior:  Peaceful; requires a school of 6 or more to thrive. 

Origin:  Tank-Bred, but indigenous to Venezuela

Average adult size:  2.4 inches (6.1 cm)

Average purchase size:  1+ inch (2.5+ cm)

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