Hygrophila Willow


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The first picture is what the bunch will look like on arrival then once it has new growth will change to the second picture. One of the plants that has a very different look from being grown emersed verses Submersed.

Hygrophila Angustifolia is an easy to grow plant that has long and narrow leaves growing from a tall stem.  This plant is suitable for the background plant and is great for absorbing excess waste and nutrients thanks to its fast growing nature.  

Like many other stem plants, this plant can grow both emersed and submerged.  It is a fast grower and can require frequent trimming when kept under high light with Co2 and the addition of fertilizers.  Like most stem plants, propagation can be done simply by cutting along the stem and replanting the cuttings.

Family: Acanthaceae

Region: Southeast Asia

Height: 6-12"

pH: 6-7.5

Care: Easy

Light: Moderate to High

Co2: Not required but recommended

Propagation: Cut stem and replant

Growth rate: Fast 

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