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Where are you my Pretties.

Where are you my Pretties.Hiding against the driftwood todayGlass CatfishTransparent Body: Glass catfish (Kryptopterus vitreolus) are famous for their nearly transparent bodies, which allow you to see their bones and organs. This unique feature makes them a popular choice for aquarium enthusiasts.Origin: They are native to Southeast Asia, particularly found in Thailand's river basins. They thrive in clear, slow-moving waters.Schooling Fish: Glass catfish are social creatures that prefer to live ...

May 21, 2024

Don't Tickle me with your Fins

Here is one of our 20 odd Featherfin Synodontis in our 1500 litreHere are some fun facts about the Featherfin Catfish (Synodontis eupterus):1. Fancy Fins: Their feathery dorsal fins are not just for show—they make these catfish look elegant and stand out in any aquarium.2. Night Owls: These fish are like the night owls of the fish world. They love to explore and be active when the lights go out.3. Undercover: During the day, Featherfin Catfish are masters of disguise. They love to hide in cave...

May 15, 2024

Money Money, Money Silver Dollars

The all important Silver Dollars we have three large ones in our 1500litre display tank. They are named the silver dollar as the size they used to come out of the wild they looked like the American Silver Dollars in size and colour. They are often mistaken as Piranha but they are vegetarian so no planted tanks for them. They love new plant day when I am re-bunching the plants I remove the excess leaves from the new root zone. All these leaves go into our Monster Tank for the Silver Dollars.These...

May 12, 2024

Red Koi Cobra Guppy

One of my instore breeding projects Red Koi Cobra Guppies or Red Cap Cobra.We have a few trios available and many pretty young fish that didn't meet my breeding grade....

May 11, 2024

Do You ever feel like your being Watched

Do you ever get that feeling your getting watched. Poseidon the Giant Gourami still has alot of growing to go. His Favourite Person in the World is our 16 yr old Natasha who hand feeds him whenever she comes into work. Well he is her fish. We currently have him in the 1500 litre tank but know he will put grow eventually....

May 10, 2024

Zombie -Spotted Raphael Catfish (talking catfish) 12-15cm - Agamyxis Pectinifrons

Zombie is our Fish of the day we seldom see her she lives in the Rock Pile in our 1500 litre display tank.Zombie is a Spotted Raphael Catfish Agamyxis Pectinifrons. Zombie has been with us approx 5 yrs. She got her name from the fact she is often paled out being on the white sand and looks dead but as soon as she sees the net she's off....

May 9, 2024

Royal Whiptail

Currently we have a range of sizes in our Royal Whiptail stock these are Bred instore by us. from new hatched babies of 1cm up to 5cm juveniles ready to move into your community Tank.These are awesome algae eaters that are gentle with your plants.Even though these do grow quite large they don't take up a lot of room in your Tank.Ideally suited to a peaceful Community of 90cm long or larger.The parents can be viewed instore

May 7, 2024

Delta Level 2 Covid

Fish we will start Shipping hopefully 14th September as long as NZ Post freight levels have reduced enough to guarantee Live shipmentsStore Conditions for Entry In Level 2 Ring Door Bell to Alert us to you Waiting Either scan in with covid19 app or give full name and phone number to store owner Must Wear a Mask Hands must be sanitised in front of store owners (using either our spray or your own personal sanitiser) We are allowing 1 groups at a time in the store Please keep 2 metres apart from o...

September 8, 2021

Covid 19

COVID19 level 4 While under level 4 we are limited to sending out essentail Pet Supplies eg food, medication, filtration (if your pet can survive the 4 weeks without it then we are not allowed to send it) This is the criteria set by MPI on our approval to care for our shop critters and fish and be able to courier essentials out....

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